Von Craven Haus German Shepherds

Breeding Quality German Shepherd Puppies in Pittsburgh, PA.

About Von Craven Haus German Shepherds

We are a small family breeder of AKC German Shepherd puppies located in Pittsburgh, PA. Our German Shepherds are family raised and breed for temperament and the traditional German Shepherd look. We've had a lifetime experience with the GSD breed. The dogs in our breeding program live in our home and are a part of out family. 

Our main goal is to produce German Shepherds with sound temperaments and good health. We aim to produce puppies that make the BEST family compaions yet are still capable of excelling in programs designed for working dogs breeds. i.e. search and rescue, police and military work, tracking\obedience\agility\schutzhund competitions, etc. Our GSD are intelligent, eager to learn, happy dogs that want to be please and protect you.

We are fully dedicated to improving the quality and tradition of the German Shepherd breed.


Contact Info:

email: smrn.1200@yahoo.com

call: 412-680-4704